Professional Vacation Rental Management

Pacific Coastal Properties is proud to offer the finest vacation rental management services in San Diego County.


We offer personalized service to our owners and our guests.  We recognize that management expertise plays a critical role in increasing the future value of your real estate investment.  We pride ourselves in our high percentage of returning guests.


Our marketing is designed to attract qualified prospects to rent or lease your property.  We use many forms of advertising, including multiple sources on the internet to attract prospective guests and encourage immediate booking for desired rental times.

Prospect Evaluation

Before showing, we carefully screen every prospect.  You are insulated from casual lookers and those with needs that do not match the special features of your property.  Prior to signing the rental agreement, we check the prospective guest’s credentials and require a non-refundable deposit to reserve the requested dates.  We also verify the prospective tenant’s ability to pay the rent and require full payment 60 days prior to occupancy.

Occupant Move-in/Move-out

We offer accidental damage insurance to the guests to encourage them to let us know if they have accidentally spilled or damaged something so we can repair or replace the source immediately upon their move-out.  For longer term rentals, we walk the new guest through the property recording the condition upon move-in.  We also perform a final inspection upon move-out to verify the condition of the property before the disposition of the security deposit.  For weekly bookings with same day turn-around, primarily in the summer, we have the assigned cleaning crew report any unusual or excessive cleaning needs.

Periodic Inspections

To assure the integrity of your property, we conduct periodic inspections on your behalf.  We perform an analysis of the marketplace in which the client’s property is competing to determine if we are achieving the maximum income attainable.


We take responsibility for collecting rents.  We can also pay the expenses of the property upon request.  Proceeds are forwarded to our owners after the occupant takes possession.  A detailed, computerized report is provided showing all activity on your account.  Our accounting manager is available to speak with you at any time regarding your statement.


All requests for maintenance are processed through us.  We provide maintenance personnel with proper skills for the job.  We handle minor matters quickly and efficiently.  Major maintenance items are carefully evaluated before we make recommendations to you.  Our goal is not only to maintain value through proper maintenance, but to also protect the underlying physical asset of the real estate investment.

  • Most important…..we provide you with monthly checks for the high occupancy we strive to maintain for you.

Please contact us with your further questions or inquiry as to our vacation rental management service.

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